Regarding your new patio cover, carport, rv cover or awnings:

Q: Do you install those steel, peaked, gabled or round top carports and RV covers?

A:  No.  We only offer all aluminum, no rust carports and RV covers that require no maintenance, changing rusted out screws, painting or re-anchoring. 


Q:  How long does it take to install a patio cover 

A:  Usually it only takes one day depending on the size of the cover.

Q:  Will I need to worry about strong winds blowing my cover away?

A:  The Northwest weather does include some high winds from time to time, however our covers are engineered to withstand 90 mph winds!

Q: The steal kind that come from a department store?

A: Not so good with wind.

Q:  Will I need to paint it after a few years?

A:  No.  All of our covers are made from high strength extruded aluminum that is powder coated for a life time glossy finish. 

Q:  How do I clean it?

A:  Use a soft car wash brush and car wash soap.  If done twice per year it will keep its new look for a lifetime.

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