WHEN? When Should I Purchase a Patio Cover or Carport?

Timing is important!  That is true if saving money is important to you. In this article, we will consider three money saving tips that most people do not think about when they shell out their hard earned money for this high dollar item. The following facts would also apply to purchasing your new roof, driveway, fence and many other home improvements. Having a new patio cover, rv cover or carport installed on your home does not just serve the purpose of covering your vehicles and valuables, it also adds to the appearance of your home. Make sure and consider that before you decide on a product. It will be up for years to come and will affect the value of you home.  When it comes time to sell your house, will you wish you had stepped up to a nicer looking patio cover or carport?

So, lets look at some money saving tips:

When the prices are low

Lets assume that you do not have piles of extra cash that your tired of being in the way. Contractors most always have the best prices when they are in their slow season. Winter and early spring is a great time to order your carport or patio cover. Unlike having a roof put on, there are no major drawbacks to installing your aluminum cover in cold, rainy weather.

When the schedule is easy:

Late Spring and Summer are the busy times for most contractors, especially during a strong growing economy. Put a down payment on your cover and get on the schedule early.

As the busy season begins, it is often a problem for contractors to order product. Their suppliers and warehouses are scrambling to meet the demands and make the best guesses on how much stock they will need.

You will have a much easier time completing your project when the schedule is easy.

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When you need it most:

Here in the northwest, the main purpose of patio covers and carports is not to block that hot annoying sunshine; rather its to protect our valuables from the constant rain, snow and wind that blows leaves and fir needles all over our stuff! Yes, it’s nice to have the shade in the summer time, but blocking the rain is most important.

Before you decide to purchase that new boat, camper or other toy, consider investing in your home which will increase the value and prolong the life of your deck, porch, rv, trailer and whatever else needs to be covered.


Do I Need A Professional To Install My Carport?

“Naaah! I don’t need no stinking contractor. I got a great deal on this baby over at the supermarket. It was in the toy section next to the kites. What? Why is it standing on end? O, you know, we had a little wind last night… Well, no matter, my boys are use’n it fer a baseball backstop now. A Contractor was telling me that I needed some’m called footings or footers. I think he’s talk’n bout those little ankle socks, right? I said, ‘sure buddy, have a nice day dude’. Contractors! what do they know?”

We have all made mistakes and cut corners; lets not make the kind that can hurt people! Now, lets answer that question: “Do I need a professional to install my carport?

Yes, even if you are handy with tools

Because this question is swimming around in your mind, you need to consider some important facts about carports:

Carports are unlike any other structure on your property

You may be familiar with the basics of building engineering and maybe how to build a wall, or even how to ad a room to your house.  Notice, however, that a typical building has four or more walls and no openings which do not have doors or windows.  A carport, rv cover or patio cover does not. It is wide open and all of them have a large invisible sign hovering above which says, “Hey, High Winds, I’m over here“.

The Stakes Are High 

Staking down a store bought carport with rebar or something else may seem good enough, however when it rains a lot (and it does in Tacoma) the ground gets saturated and what usually comes with a lot of rain is a lot of wind! stakes are no match for a blustery storm here in Western Washington.

Yes, even if you are a contractor

Many of my customers are or have been building contractors and they more than most, understand that there is a lot to building a carport or patio cover. The chemistry of joining aluminum to steel, screws and attaching to a house, mobile home or garage. Do I need inside posts and where or when do I need a beam?  How far apart should the posts be? How far can the panels project?  How long can the cantilever be?


Never yield to the temptation to just do it yourself when it comes to projects that are safety critical!  High winds or high snow loads can cause injury of even death to those near us. Hire an experienced  professional patio cover contractor to install your carport, rv cover or patio cover!

How To Clean Your Patio Cover

Cleaning your patio cover is a lot like going to the dentist; its not fun but it has to be done.  Here are a few tip that might help and after its over, you will get to pick a small toy out the the surprise box!

The Underside

The ceiling does not need too much attention; perhaps just once a year, wipe it down with a kitchen spray cleaner with bleach to prevent mold and algae from forming.  If you use a smoker or BBQ (grill for you Southerners) then the ceiling of your patio cover may become sooty and greasy.  In this case, a de-greasing detergent might be necessary. Magnum Patio Covers Company uses high quality aluminum materials which are professionally powder coated and can handle most kitchen grade cleaners. If you have to step up to something stronger, acetone can be used however only sparingly and know that if you scrub too hard acetone can remove the paint.

On The Top

The top of your patio cover can be a challenge. Leaves and fir needles make a mess quickly so its best to use your blower and blow them off as often as you can. Then, two or three times a year you will want to use a car wash brush and car wash soap to keep it looking good. Add some bleach to it to fight the mold and moss. If you pressure wash, be sure not to hit the caulking that is over the screws. The gutters are narrow, so its best to hose everything down to each end and then scoop it out.

Patio Covers – Part of your home

Because patio covers, awnings, rv covers and carports are such a visible part of your home, why not consider a higher quality and more durable product?   Nobody ever regrets stepping up to a superior, more stout aluminum cover.

Remember, spending money on your patio cover is an investment!  Your property value will increase when a quality aluminum cover is added.  If and when you sell your home, you will likely see a good return on your investment.

Patio Covers 

Even though patio covers are usually in the back yard, it is still major part of the exterior of your home.  After a patio cover is installed a lot more time is spent in the back of the house.

Depending on the size of the cover, you and your guests can still enjoy a BBQ on a rainy day.

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A carport is more often visible from the front of your home.  Your choice of carport quality is vital and will affect the value of your house.  In the Tacoma, Puyallup area, Magnum Patio Covers installs quality, all aluminum carports on even the most modest of homes; mobile homes and manufacture homes are greatly enhanced by adding a Magnum Patio cover or carport.  Wood, steel or canvas covers may save you money at first, but in the long term, Magnum’s powder coated aluminum covers are the best investment.


There are many types of awnings: aluminum, canvas, acrylic, Lexan and others. Here in the Northwest, canvas is a high maintenance choice. Because of the frequent damp conditions, algae and moss can easily cling to this material. If left untreated, it will become discolored and rotten.

Retractable awnings    The tough part about retractable awnings is having to clean off the leaves and fir needles before retracting. Then, when it is retracted, where do all the leaves and needles go?  The whole idea of having a retractable awning might have originated with the purpose of hiding a cheap, dilapidated old patio cover that is rusting, warping, peeling and leaking. Now, if the right patio cover where installed right and the materials where quality and actually added beauty to your home, then you wouldn’t want to retract it!

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