There are many types of awnings: aluminum, canvas, acrylic, Lexan and others. Here in the Northwest, canvas is a high maintenance choice. Because of the frequent damp conditions, algae and moss can easily cling to this material. If left untreated, it will become discolored and rotten.

Retractable awnings    The tough part about retractable awnings is having to clean off the leaves and fir needles before retracting. Then, when it is retracted, where do all the leaves and needles go?  The whole idea of having a retractable awning might have originated with the purpose of hiding a cheap, dilapidated old patio cover that is rusting, warping, peeling and leaking. Now, if the right patio cover where installed right and the materials where quality and actually added beauty to your home, then you wouldn’t want to retract it!

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